Thursday, April 27, 2006

Poster Of A Girl.

As I look around my home, I have one simple question:

Where did all my fuckin' posters go?

I had 'em all.
  • The "Haulin' Ass" one, with the chicks in thongs bent over in a pickup truck.
  • Pamela Anderson when she was just The Blue Zone Girl, and not some whacked out whore for PETA.
  • That Budweiser one where the girls suits blended into the towel behind them
  • The periodic table of Beer.
  • And of course, all that posters for the bands I used to love back then.
So where did they all go? Like my youth, they seem to have just slipped away when I wasn't looking. I could use the lame excuse of my Mom throwing them out, just like my comics and hockey cards, but that one is just overdone.

I think there comes a time in your life when you have people over at your place and the last thing you want them to look at is a hot piece of ass plastered on your wall. You can tell them your favorite beverage, you don't have to have the banner hanging from the back of the bathroom door. And Jesus Christ, put away the Bob Marley poster or they are going to know you smoke the Gange, and not just think you have "itchy eyes".
There comes a time when the poster goes away and the print takes over. Down comes the Samantha Fox poster where she's all wet and slutty, and up goes a Picasso print of a fucked up French cafe.

I'd like to have them back, but I know that it probably won't happen. They are lost in time, only to be looked upon fondly in my memories.

Until my midlife crisis hits.
Then watch out baby, I'm gonna redecorate my way.



  1. As one gets older it's not that you have to get rid of your posters. You just have to display them differently. Thus exchange the multi coloured push pins for frames..this gives your poster a touch of elegence and sophistication...except the Pam anderson..then it's just a picture of a dirty slut in a frame...

  2. Agreed: the presentation is the only difference for most posters. Of course, Most posters don't have chicks in thongs or wet sluts.

    If I had the cash, I'd totally be into posters of old movies. Casablanca-old, not Alien-old. Frame up them bad boys, and hang them where they would be most cool.

    Of course, I think I've gone somewhere else already, with some of the apartment. Gone are the .. well, nothing, since I never had a livingroom of my own until I was old .. and in nothing's place is a great stormy ocean shot in shades of blue. Also in blue is the mass-produced but still nice pic we boguht at the shark pit of a bazaar in the Dominican. Hmm. Sepia-coloured posters are no good there.

    It's obvious I need a bigger place, just to hang the art I want to display and maintain the fishytanks I want to maintain.

    Why I can I not comment in under 1000 characters?

  3. And I'm impressed at the range of your musical taste, and I know you listen to the radio based on the post title.

    Isn't that group the same ones who have those annoyingly repetitive songs? Seriously, where the same phrase is repeated like a hundred times in the song with nothing else? "I fought the war and the war won" kind of stuff?