Tuesday, April 25, 2006

First Of The Season.

The sizzle is unmistakable.

The smell is divine.

The flavors and textures are amazing.

Crisp yet tender, savory yet sweet.

Can I barbecue a fuckin steak or what?

I'm not gonna say I'm the greatest in the land or anything, but Jesus, I cook a damn fine piece of meat. Maybe it's the first chance I've had to drag the grill out, maybe it was the way my freshly shorn lawn complemented the stark blackness of the grill. But there was something that worked out great.

I prefer to make my own marinades, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a pinch of crystal meth thrown in. (Family Secret.) It must be why my grilling techniques are so addictive.

I must grill alone. I prefer that nobody watches. It's just another level of "me" time. Oh, you can come out and ask how I'm doing, but you better get the fuck away as soon as you can, otherwise you screw with my rythm.

I can't wait to char something up tomorrow.



  1. I keep misreading title, not even seeing the R.

  2. Sometimes you scare me more than words can say.

    On the other hand, understandable mistake.