Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dressing Up For Death.

Had to go and buy a new shirt today.

My Aunt's funeral is tomorrow, and of course, I'd like to look my best to go pay my respects. It's only natural that at the service for the woman who taught me so much about class and composure, I should show some myself.

I find that I'm at a stage in my life right now when I've stopped going to weddings and started going to funerals. Most of the people I grew up with are now married or whatever, and it seems like all of my elders are slowly dropping one by one. ( With my Aunt dying, my Father is the only person left from his immediate family. No mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents. All gone. Just him. It's a sobering thought.)

It seems that now every time I get dressed up, (with the exception of the staff Christmas Party and The Sidekicks birthday,) it's because someone died. It makes me want to put my good shoes away and hide all my ties.

But that won't help. Death is inevitable. And if my Aunts passing taught me anything, it's to look it in the eye, unafraid, with dignity and your best clothes on.


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