Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Parlez -Vous Fuck You.

There was a post on the forums the other day, asking what people think would happen if Quebec ever seceded from Canada.
The question wasn't really answered, but there was quite a heated debate about succession.
There were some forumites who were from Quebec, and to try to talk to them about the reasons for seceding was like trying to talk to a wall. Not all of them were like that, but the ones who were "into" the separatist movement were pretty die-hard about it.
I did not comment in the forums, mainly because I was so fucking outraged, and I wanted to try and hear all points of view.
One of the opposing people asked "What would you do in an independent Quebec that you can't do now?"
That is the $25,000 question right there.
I feel that Quebec is like the spoiled brat of Canada.
You knew kids like that when you were in elementary school, the ones that had parents that gave them everything, the teacher would dote on them like the sun shone out of their ass, and yet they would still bitch and complain about every little thing. They could not realize how good they had it.
Find any other country in the world that recognizes one of it's provinces, states or territories as "a culturally distinct society" and I'll show you a country just as retarded as Canada has been. Does the U.S. recognize Louisiana as a distinct society? What about Iraq? Were all those Kurds given special treatment because of there cultural differences?. I don't think so.

Why is it that you don't hear British Columbians talking about leaving Canada? We are probably better suited for it then Quebec, (I'm not 100% sure on that, but hey, it's my blog) and would be more economically viable, especially with Pacific Rim trading, and imports.
But you never hear B.C.'ers talk about leaving Canada. I think that's because we look at ourselves as Canadians first and B.C.'ers second. Why is that? The west has been screwed over by Ottawa far more often and more severely than Quebec ever has.

Maybe because I feel so passionately about the issue is why I'll never understand it. But I've met people from Ontario, (who are at the centre of power in Canada,) who feel that Quebec is the spoiled one. Talk to anyone from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or the Maritimes and you'll hear the same thing. Hell, you'll probably hear it from some of the anglophones in Quebec.

Now if you have one province saying the rest of Canada sucks and treats them like shit, and the rest of Canada feels that this province should just take the sweet deal they already have and shut the fuck up, who's right?

On the other hand, those whiny, bitchy kids from elementary school? They never learned how good they had it until their parents kicked them out, cold and hungry into the real world.

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