Friday, November 11, 2005

The End Of An Era

You know, the thing I like best about blogging every day is that it gives me a slightly different outlook on things. Some days I can't think of anything to write about, and other days I come across stuff and think, "I can't wait to put this into the blog." The thing that helped me the most is writing on my lunch hour.
You see, all these rants and shit are done when I'm at home for lunch. I have the house to myself, 'cause the Boy is at the sitters and the Wife is at work. I have the house to myself, can play what music I want, and write without anyone looking over my shoulder.

All that is going to end.

The Wife starts her Maternity leave tomorrow. (Yes, I will have spawned another by the end of December.) That means that when I come home for lunch, I'm not going to have time for myself. I 'll have to be sociable and do the family thing. (Not that I don't like doing the family thing, but this is messing with my routine, and I'm a very routine type of guy.) Another problem is that the Wife doesn't know about the blog. She might be pissed that I share some of my thoughts and feelings with the anonymous masses on teh Internet, and not pour my heart out to her. Who knows? I'm going to tell her about it, just because I want to keep doing it.

So I may not be as frequent between updates, but I will try. I'll just have to change my routine. I won't be like some guys (ahem...Joe) who rarely update, but bear with me and I hope to be doing this for a long time to come.


  1. He doesn't write, he doesn't call. I'm thinking the guy's died and gone to the great Mr Mister concert in the sky.

    So, uh Joey, seeing as you're dead and all ... -- Barney Rubble

    No no, wait a sec. It's not like we want him to post about uninteresting crap all the time - whereas I have a blog /devoted/ to that - but it's amazing what 20 minutes will give you (plus 10 more to spell check).

    - ..

  2. which reminds me. I caught an mp3 of some punk band doing Land Down Under the other day. Awesome.

  3. Sweet! That'll blow his mind!

    He's a secret fan-boy anyway.

  4. I am not dead!!...i admit its been awhile but come on now!!...

  5. Ah, but, you see? He specifically didn't deny being a secret Men At Work fan-boy. Soon he'll also be all "Kyrieeeeeeeee Eleison Down the road that I must travel..." at work, too, instead of just in his car.