Monday, November 14, 2005

I Feel : Episode 3

  1. That in order to get a driver's licence, your should have to have a neural scan done, just to make sure all the synapses are firing .
  2. That if you ever lock your keys in your car, every person you have ever met will show up within 5 minutes to laugh at you.
  3. Most people aren't born stupid, a lot of them just work really, really hard at it.
  4. That Obi-Wan should have bitch-slapped Anakin earlier on. I mean, waiting and then cutting his legs off? And some people bitch about spankings.
  5. That if I had the laser gun that Bish was talking about, I'd snipe people's houses. But I would only ignite their stash of Jiffy Pop.
  6. The amazing thing about technology is that everything keeps getting smaller, except TVs, which will soon need there own postal codes.
  7. That some of the porn shown on said gigantic TVs will be truly awe inspiring.

Only seven today. Not much time to spare. Help me finish the list.

1 comment:

  1. s/there/their/ in #6. and delete this comment before Joey finds out and laughs at your ungrammatical ass.

    8. that we need a pill to eat away at body fat. this gym thing sucks.

    9. that we should be able to charge back tech time to microsoft when it's a failing of their OS when we have to get our computers rebuilt.