Friday, December 14, 2007

Modesty & False Advertising.

I'm thinking of filing a class-action lawsuit.

I was listening to the radio at work today - that's where the problem starts.

The local radio station plays a couple of identification segments about every 45 minutes or so. (It seems like every 5, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.) During each of these segments they exclaim, loudly & repeatedly, that they are "The Island's Best Rock".

I beg to differ.

I've been elsewhere on the Island. Down south there are at lest 8 radio stations that I'd rather listen to. They have better music rotation, more variety, and better (at least less annoying) DJ's.
That would make the claim of being "The Island's Best Rock" a little circumspect, don't you think?

All I'm asking for is some honesty. (And punitive damages.)

Can't they just state the facts?

Why not say "The Best (and only) FM Reception You'll Be Able To Get In This Shitty 'Burg." or "The Other Local Station Is Even Shittier Than Us, So Why Bother Changing." - I'd appreciate those a lot more than the blatant lies they've been trying to pass.

If they won't do it on their own, I'll be forced to use the law to make them change. Just taking the Judge for a ride down-island should be enough to convince him my cause is just.

I can't lose.

Now where's my Erin Brockovich?


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