Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lines Of Communication.

So I'm trying to plan out my day today.

I'm under the impression that a couple things are going to happen:
  • Person A is looking after the kids here until 4.
  • Person B is picking the kids up in our car and taking them for dinner and treats.
  • We will have Person B's car, as they will have ours because of the car seats. Will pick up kids and car after they are done with them.
So I'm going on this assumption - and then get told that I'm totally wrong. Person B is not taking the car, and is watching the kids here. I argue the point, stating that I'm sure I was correct about what was happening. Nope - I must be mistaken or have heard incorrectly. Whatever - I can deal.

Guess what?

I just found out 5 minutes ago that I was right all along.

I hate being right when there is no one here to see it.

I'll just have to gloat the rest of the day.


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