Friday, December 21, 2007

A Convenient Solution.

I was talking about recycling with someone today and it hit me:

A Solution.

You see, recycling is just a pain in the ass. Everyone I've talked to that does it hates it with a passion, but they feel morally obligated to do so. Not recycling around here is about as popular as owning slaves in 1976.

So why bother? Why don't we just take that trash and look at it as a solution instead of a problem.

The polar ice caps are melting because of global warming, right? The seas are going to rise and drown us all. (And it's my fault because I sorted some glass in with my aluminum cans.)

They say that if all the ice in Antarctica and Greenland melts the sea level would rise about 68 meters (223 feet). I figure that every day, each of us puts about a half an inch of garbage in a square foot of space.(Mind you I'm talking compressed, squished garbage.)

That means there isn't much time.

I say we take all that garbage and build on it. Don't think landfill - think foundation. If we start piling the garbage and raising the ground level, we'll be above 68 meters in about 14 years - plenty of time before that ice all melts, and we didn't have to do anything different from what we are doing now.

Tah-da! Problem solved.

Where's my Nobel Prize?


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