Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Call me Scrooge, call me picky, call me a bitter, bitter man.

Whatever - I don't care.

Just don't be wearing that fucking hat when you do it.

People who wear Santa hats before the week of Christmas are retarded attention whores. Unless it's part of your job, or you are in fact Santa Claus, lose the headgear - you only look like an idiot.

It's not about Christmas Cheer, either. Seeing someone wearing a Santa hat anytime from December 1st to the 19th doesn't make me think they are full of the holiday spirit - it makes me think that they are sad little people who try to ignore the world by wrapping themselves up into one "perfect" day.

Fuck You - it doesn't work that way.

These people seem to think that they are "one up" on everyone else, just because they have this visual aid that screams "Look how much I love Christmas! Don't you wish you loved Christmas as much as I do?" You know what? I do like Christmas - I just don't like the sorry fucks like you who go spreading their version of happiness and goodwill into everyone's face. Fuck off and leave me alone.

Wear the hat when there's snow on Christmas Eve or at your staff party. Wear it on a trip to the orphanage, or when you help out at the homeless shelter on the 23rd. Don't wear it when you are walking your dog or picking up groceries. It cheapens the whole thing.

And I'm not even going to start about the Reindeer suspenders....


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