Friday, November 09, 2007

See Right Through Me.

There is something unnerving about Dental X-Rays - I don't know what it is.

Maybe it's the fact that they cover me with a lead apron. I'm glad that they are concerned about excess radiation and my testes, but since I had the operation, they don't have to worry anymore. I should have just told her to skip it. (Why beat a dead horse, right?)

Or maybe it's the HUGE FUCKING CANNON they point right at my head. If the film can fit in my mouth, why does the camera have to be so huge? Can't they make it a bit smaller? We are in an age of technological marvels and they have a howitzer pointed at my skull to see what's inside.

Even if they just went with camera sounds. "Click" - not bad. "Hmmmrmmrm~chunk" - doesn't sound reassuring. I guess it's because in one instance they are letting light onto something, and in my case they are shooting radiation into my skull.

But it's probably just that they leave you alone. "Yes - it's a harmless procedure, won't take a second - I'm just covering you with lead and going into the other room." I think that's what bothers me most of all. I'd like to see a technician with some balls - one who stays in the room for every shot. You'd have to pay them more, but it's okay. They can do so much more, what with their third arm and all.


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