Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jack of All Trades.

Today I :
  • Did errands downtown with the Kids. (This is harder than it looks.)
  • Changed my outside light-bulbs and planned for Christmas lights - yes, I know it's not December yet.
  • Replaced the Ballcock valve on my en-suite toilet. (It's okay, you can laugh when you say "Ballcock" - I did.)
  • Sent out Poker email for the Rambler House Weekly Invitational. (This wasn't as hard as it looked.)
  • Changed the water in the fish tank. (Yes, I have fish and they are very manly ones too.)
  • Did all my other parent/homeowner things too.
So now I'm ready to just kick back and relax... but wait!
I have to take the Kids for their Flu shots.

Yeah... Think about that.
My nights not getting any better, is it?


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