Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'm Gay.

...Or at least you all think I am.

See that poll on the right?

All you had to do was choose which coffee was gayer- mine or The Sidekicks, and you picked mine.

Thanks for nothing.

Now I'm questioning my sexuality and my choice in coffee.

I disagree though - I fail to see how a plain mocha, even a White Chocolate one, is fruitier than some Hazelnut thing with more changes to it than RuPaul.

But I'll live with my choice - it just means I have to drink it with my pinky extended, that's all.
And listen to the Sidekick's gloating.

Thanks again, really.


1 comment:

  1. It was the WHITE chocolate, dude -- That's partially gay right there, no matter what you have with it (except almonds, because almond bark kicks ass).

    And besides: was my drink in there? JB already suggested it was Teh Ghey, and I'd almost want a recount on that.