Thursday, November 22, 2007

Science Gone Awry.

I was watching Spider-Man tonight with the Boy and I realized one thing:

Science is a Bitch.

In the Spidey movies practically every super person - hero or villain - is either caused, or aided by, science gone wrong.
  • Spidey? - Scientists let a bug get out. The rest is history.
  • Green Goblin? - Crazy Scientist experiments on self. Wears shitty mask for rest of movie.
  • Doctor Octopus? - I'm-so-fucking-smart-I'm-mental Scientist causes explosion, gets sentient arms and acts all angsty.
  • New Goblin? - My-Dad-was-a-crazy Scientist so now I'm Xxxtreme!!!
  • Sandman? - Lets disregard the sensors and not even check what's going on in our experiments. (There was a guy in there? Whoops!)
It's based on the above that I've decided to stay away from Bunsen burners and any chemical that looks remotely green. I'm sure that these Scientists are portrayed in the worst possible light, but I'm not taking any chances.

I'll be on the other side of the lab - with my goggles on thankyouverymuch.


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