Friday, November 30, 2007

I Feel...

  • That Poker lingo has got to change. Last night I got asked to "show me the nuts" at least twice. The first time I displayed my cards, but the second time there was some confusion....
  • That people who come in with a coupon and act like assholes should be forcibly removed from any business, not just the one I work at. (Good job clipping that out of the paper, Chief - let me get you a medal.)
  • That the first fucker to say Merry Christmas to me just because December starts tomorrow is going to get a punch in the head. Said punch will be hard and repeated if necessary.
  • That I'm at a crossroads in my life right now - XBox 360 or Gym Membership? I can either sweat a lot or game wirelessly from my couch. (If I sweat while I'm gaming, that's just sad.)
  • That I used to come up with a better list of what I felt. Either I can't remember what I feel anymore, or else I feel less about things now. I'm not sure which depresses me more.


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