Monday, November 12, 2007


The power was out when I got up today.

(Thank God for battery backup or I never would have got up on time. I'd like to note that trying to shave by flashlight doesn't seem safe, so I skipped it altogether.)

It was still out when I left for work, and wasn't on when I got there.

Now since I'm salary, I couldn't just shrug my shoulders and go home - that would have been too easy. We sent all the regular staff home and stayed closed, but that still meant I had to get some stuff done.

Work is hard enough - working in the dark doubly so. (Although I do most of my best work in the dark, Ladies. Wink-wink.) It was mainly just an inconvenience, but I will say I actually missed the radio today - the music helps you move along, even if it is shitty music.

But I persevered, and we did end up opening - an hour before I'm scheduled to go home. Only a slight bit of chaos, and then everything was as it should be.

I'm glad I'm not working tomorrow, just in case round two hits. (That would be a complete clusterfuck, I can tell you that.) I'll stay in and watch the trees sway from the comfort of my couch.


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