Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top of the Heap

Check out this link.

Trust me - it's okay - it's not porn, malware or links to a Rick Astley video.

For some reason, my blog is at the top of the Google search results for something other than a direct search for "Midlife Rambler".

Two things I'm curious about:
  • Why are people searching for "forty eight dollars"?
  • And why are they linking to my blog? -
I'm not going to complain - any way that people stumble across this place is welcome - I just think it's funny that after almost 5 years of blogging, the most popular thing I've written has been a quick blurb about winning at my neighbor's poker game.

I also double checked, and the same search on Bing reveals zero results for me.

Fuck you, Microsoft. Don't be such a hater.


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