Monday, April 25, 2011

Business Plan.

Based upon my observations at the gym, I think that I've hit upon the perfect business plan.

I believe that if you opened a gym with great amenities and equipment, you'd make great money - but its all in the staffing.

Sure, a good team of personal trainers, along with a polite and knowledgeable front end staff would go a long way, but it's missing one thing:

Sleeper Agents.

Before should go thinking I'm crazy, hear me out. Take some fit, attractive, good mannered people whose only job is to work out and chat with the gym regulars.

I know for most guys at the gym, when that hot girl walks in and gets on the machine beside you, you work out a little harder, maybe more reps, whatever. If she's chatty and fun, you're going to keep coming back again and again - and eventually, all that extra effort pays off in heather people who want to stay at your gym not only because they get results, but that's where the hotties are. (I'm also thinking this would work for the ladies too.)

See? It can't fail.

Im'ma fuckin' genius.


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