Saturday, April 09, 2011

All hail the Clopen.

Ahhh - the Clopen.

You know what I'm talking about - those days at work where you work the closing shift one night and open the next day? 'Round here we call it the "Clopen". (Sounds very cowboy-ish, but considering the area around here, it kinda makes sense.)

The thing that sucks about the Clopen is that it seems like you have been at work forever, especially if the people you are working with are Clopen-ers too. (And for those of you who are all "I love work! Feeling like I've been there for days is great!" - shut the fuck up and take your medication, you sick bastards.)

For me it's the fact that I don't see my kids for about 34 hours when I work a Clopen. I see them when they go to school in the morning, they are asleep when I get home, and I'm gone to work before they are up the next day. As much as I bitch about them, I do actually miss them during this time, and it also explains why they glom onto me during my days off. (Seriously, when do they start letting go of the leg?)

I find the Clopen especially difficult when I throw a gym workout in there too - pile on a 5am run or weights on your already trashed sleep schedule, and its easy to see why after a couple of Clopens, its easy to get a little "edgy".

( I use the term edgy because I don't know a short form of tired,irritable,bitchy,fed-up,sore,and cranky.)


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