Friday, April 22, 2011


The past two days at home, as well as my first day back at work have been spent dealing with clutter. Sorting, removing, and puzzling its existence have kept me occupied for hours.

I tend to just get rid of stuff when I can, but for the past couple of weeks I decided that it's not my job to clean up everyone's shit, and I'll just let it go like they do - deciding that ignorance must be bliss.

It's not.

How people can stand to look at the disorganized mess, I'll never figure, and I think you do more work overall by walking around or just looking through the shit than you would have if it would have been dealt with correctly in the first place.

So now I'm cleaning it all up.

I read somewhere that Steve Jobs's first mansion only had a mattress and a lamp in it - very minimalist, very Zen.

Fuck that - he just hated clutter as much as I do.


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