Friday, April 08, 2011

I Feel -

- That me coming back from Days Off is very similar to Luke walking  into that cave on Dagobah.
- That I wish I was fortunate enough to have a Lightsaber.
- That the warm of the tanning booth is what I imagine Tattooine to be like.
- That there's something to be said for clones - Hell, I have kids, they've got to be similar.
- That compared to some of the people I interact with every day, Jar Jar is a fucking genius.
- That no one has ever called me the "chosen one" - and I think they're missing out..
- That going into Toshi Station would be way better than hanging out here.
- That I'm jealous that my best friend's name isn't as cool sounding as "Biggs Darklighter".
- That unfortunately, much like Han, I sometimes shoot first.


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