Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Winning By Losing.

So we got the results today from the "Flex Fitness Challenge" I was in, which wrapped up yesterday. (Why is it a fitness challenge? Because you'd get your ass sued off if you called it a Biggest Loser contest.)

I won - kinda.

There were three main winners: one for pounds lost, one for inches lost, and one for body fat % lost. Although I was close in the pounds lost, I missed it by 2 - I only lost 14 pounds as opposed to the 16 that took the title.

I wasn't even close in the inches lost department - as overall I lost only 4 inches - the gains in my legs and chest actually held me back in that category.

So, by process of elimination, you can see I won the body fat % part of the completion - I lost 5.7% body fat - putting me at 21%. That's still a bit higher than I'd like, but considering a year ago I was still at around 35-38% , that's a drastic improvement.

The sad part of it is with going on holidays, my brother coming up, hockey games, and just life in general, my diet sucked over the last 3 weeks. It would have been nice to see what I could have done if I had been faithful to the program.

And although I said I'd like to be at 170 to run my half-marathon, I don't think the extra 6 pounds will hold me back much. (Probably keep me warm if it's cold.)

Would I do it again? Maybe. I think the competition helps, but I was never in any direct competition with anyone - I think if we did group weigh-ins and had more interaction with the other competitors, it would ramp up the tension and everyone would push just a little more.

But whatever - I'm happy with the results. (I consider myself a work in progress anyway.)

See you at the gym.


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