Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Comfort is ...

..A warm pair of running shoes.

After a weekend of Booze and Bad Food, (not bad per se, but bad for me) the greatest cure-all in the world is running 10 miles.

Try it sometime.

After eating things I don't normally eat & drinking way more than I usually drink, getting back to feeling like myself is a wonderful experience.

I think it hit around mile 7.

By that time, all the toxins have crawled out through my pores in their haste to escape what I'm doing to my body. I no longer have that bloated feeling, and all the stiffness is gone from my legs. Of course it only goes downhill from here, because no one is going to tell you they feel great after 10 miles - they may feel good, but the certainly don't feel great.

But I feel great now.

Go ahead, call me twisted - I don't care.

Me and my tight glutes and calves feel awesome.


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