Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clerical Error.

Due to statistical misinformation, I reported an erroneous time for the completion of my Half Marathon.

The stats are in, double checked and posted - My time of 1:44:55 does not stand.

I did it in 1:43:11, bitches!

Sure, a minute and forty-four seconds may not seem like much, but trust me - it is. By the time a minute and forty-four seconds rolled around after the race, I was sucking back water and trying not to throw up - see what can happen in such a short span of time?

I checked the online results today:
  • I placed 211th out of 547 - in the top 40%.
  • My average pace was 7:52/mile - 4:53/Km.
  • I was 28th out of 39 for my age group. Not great, but 6 of the first 14 finishers were from my group - M35-39. So I think that's good.

I'm quite pleased.

(Like I wasn't fucking ecstatic before, right?)


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