Thursday, March 19, 2009

What To Wear...

Don't mind me - I'm just boring t-shirt guy.

What's that on my shirt? Oh yeah - nothing. All my t-shirts are blue or grey or black and have absolutely nothing interesting about them. (Except that they are tagless, which is nice, 'cause I hate how the tag can sometime irritate the back of my neck....but I digress)

I got the Sidekick a witty t-shirt for Xmas one year - I'm pretty sure it got him laid, but he'll never give me the credit for that one. I've never needed a shirt's help to accomplish the deed, but it would be reassuring to know I have backup.

I think I tried to wear a funny t-shirt once. I'm fuzzy on the details, but I don't recall it getting a lot of laughs. I think the sweater I was wearing overtop had something to do with it.

I 'm sure that I'm over the age of people who can successfully get away with wearing something witty splashed across their chest. I don't know where to go for guidelines on this, but I'm sure not going to listen to the girl down at Jeans Warehouse.

No matter what I have on my chest and back, just remember - I know when you're looking at my ass.


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