Monday, March 30, 2009

I Want To Be A Coyote...

At least for their home games.

I've been to lots of Vancouver Canucks games. Not on my own dime, mind you - there's no way I could afford that - and I've never thought twice about what the tickets cost. I know they're expensive, it's Hockey, right? Hockey's expensive everywhere.

Not so.

As I read in the Province the other day, Hockey games in Phoenix are amazingly cheap. So amazing that I found it hard to believe. (I even went and double checked the Coyotes website for verification.)

The last game I went to in Vancouver, the ticket cost $144.50. Factor in the 3 or 4 $9 beers I had, plus the $9.50 Hot Dog, and that's a very expensive evening for the company that took me too the game. (Yay Sour Cream!)

As per the article and the Coyotes website, I could get seats for a family of 4 (lower bowl) for $166. With that comes free parking, free all-you-can-eat peanuts, hot dogs, popcorn, and pop. The last price I could find for beer was $5.

So for what it would cost for me to go to one game in Vancouver, you could take 4 friends to a game in Phoenix - or I could go to 4 games by myself, but I'm not that much of a loner.

I understand about supply and demand, and that's what drives the prices to be the way they are.

But I just wanted to say it sucks.


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