Monday, March 02, 2009

Why Is It.....

That hippies seem to think they have all the answers to the world's problems?

I was sitting on the ferry coming back from Vancouver, and this dirtbag behind me starts spouting off about how he can save the Canadian way of life if the government just gave everyone 35,000 a year to live off of and we all became more thrifty in our everyday ways. He thought that that would eliminate the socio/economical gap that exists in our country, and we'd all be sitting around the campfire, eating Naniamo bars and taking hits off the bong.

Sure, I could have moved if I really wanted, but the ferry was full and I really didn't want to beat up a random 8 year old just to take their seat. (That's so 80's.)

I'm glad that my dreadlocked friend has all the country's problems solved - it's a load off my mind, that's for sure. Now I can worry about the real important things, like how all this Fall Out Boy music got on my Zune.


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