Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Run, Fatboy, Run.

These are the things I learned on my run today:
  • With the amount I sweat, there's no chance of any headphones staying securely in my ears unless I use Superglue and clamps.
  • A five-year-old on a bike is not the best choice to pace you.
  • The attention span of said five-year-old is about the same as an teenager with ADD after 6 energy drinks.
  • After not running for weeks, that first mile is painful.
  • So is every other mile after the first.
  • After not running for weeks, you notice things that jiggle - things that didn't jiggle the last time you ran.
  • These jiggles distract you from the pain of running - hopefully, by the time the jiggles are gone, so is the pain.
  • Dog shit is everywhere.
  • The track sucks.
  • There is nothing greater after a run than a hot shower.
  • I just realized I'm crazy enough to do it all again tomorrow.


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