Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I've hit a wall.

In regards to my weight loss, that is. (Please don't think I've injured myself or anything.)

With my training right now, I'm running anywhere from 24-30 miles a week. You'd think that with all that exercise, I'd just be shedding the pounds, right?

Not so.

I've been the same weight for the last two weeks - not even a pound difference.

Granted, it's been the two weeks with Valentine's, (Shitty food) company over, (Shitty food) and a couple of family birthdays/ outings thrown in. (Shitty food and beer)

So I think tomorrow will be my start back to the goodness that is Healthy Choices in what I eat.

I have 35 days until my half marathon, and only 28 until the weight-loss competition I'm in finishes. The only hiccup I'm going to allow is for when I'm in Vancouver with the Sidekick - next to that, it's the Good Life for me.

If I've been eating like shit and had no change, imagine what I'm going to look like with the glorious combination that is diet & exercise.

I"ll be off that plateau yet - mark my words.


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