Friday, February 20, 2009

4-Way City.

I had to go to Courtenay today.

Normally when I go to the City Next Door, (with the family) we head to the South part of town - where meccas of commerce such as Futureshop reside - we don't go into the Downtown core.

Today, however, I had to venture there to register for my Half Marathon. (30 days away!) The local running shop is located on Fifth Avenue, right in the middle of town.

It sucks to drive in downtown Courtenay.

I never realized that one area could have so many four-way stops. As you go up Fifth, just about every intersection is a 4-way, and no matter what road you turn down, you will come to another 4-way within two blocks. Combine that with some areas that are no left turn between 9am-6pm and you really have a headache.

It's like a driving school nightmare.

After navigating that for a while, I needed to get out.

I think it only took seven 4-way stops to get me to Futureshop, where I was able to relieve my stress with the purchase of a DVD or two.

I couldn't get back home fast enough.

Campbell River Drivers: You're shitty, you weave in and out of traffic, pass on the right, don't signal, and break most road safety laws. But at least I don't have to pull up behind your ass and wait every block and a half.


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  1. Long, long ago, in a land before time, I hung up my manager tie from a sister restaurant and donned the loser baseball hat, and I delivered pizzas there for one magical night.

    Hell involves a delivery to Urquhart Ave, and I'm not telling you which one (of, then, 5).