Friday, February 06, 2009

5 Steps Short.

I messed up.

I went to the gym today with a purpose - to run 3.5 miles as fast as I could without killing myself, and then to get in at least another 30-or-so minutes on the weights.

You see, the 3.5 miles were important because they were going to put me over the 400 mile mark according to my Nike+ Sportband. That's a pretty big milestone to hit, and I was really pumped about it.

As I'm just about done my run, one of the guys I workout with shows up, and asks if I want to hit the weights in a circuit. I agree, check my mileage and see that I made it - I hop off the treadmill and hit the weight section. (But that's a story for later on.)

When I get home and plug my Sportband in, it tells me that I didn't hit 400 - I'm .1 miles short. I guess I misread it at the gym. I was all hyped up for this big feeling of accomplishment, and I can't even hit the mark until Sunday.

Why Sunday? Well, that leads to the next part.

You see, the workout partner and I did a circuit as follows:
And we did that 5 times around in less than 45 minutes. I was dead at the end of it.

It's been so long since I've really worked my legs - I can feel my hamstrings tightening up even from just typing what we did today. Throw 9 hours of work (On a major warehouse/receiving day, no less) and I'm wiped.

So tomorrow is a Rest Day. (I still have to work, but it's a rest day from the gym.) I'm going to take it easy on my legs and then come Sunday I'm going to kick some ass.

It'll just be a letdown, knowing that I'm not crossing this milestone at the end of a hard run, but with my warmup mile. Just seems anti-climactic.

Whatever, I'll take it.


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