Monday, February 02, 2009

The Day Groundhogs Ruled The Earth.

I guess the British didn't need the lovable rodent to tell them that winter's still here for another six weeks, eh?

Seriously, though - has anyone really looked at how accurate these little bastards are? I'm sure they have a better ratio of right/wrong than your average forecaster, and they don't have to go to old people's homes when Great-Gran hits the century mark.

Come to think of it, looking at my TV and seeing a Groundhog come out of his hole would be just as interesting as what my regular weather guy does.

What made the Groundhog so special, anyway? (I'm guessing that the other rodents are somewhat jealous.) Was there a particular reason our forefathers chose this hibernating animal? Why not a Bear? I'd rather watch some guy try to wake up a Grizzly than see if a Groundhog catches a glimpse of his shadow.

But it'll never happen - the Groundhog is too ingrained into our culture. I'm sure that there would be some sort of outrage, a protest gone wrong, and then next thing you know the picture to the right is all too real.

At least I know Bish will be enjoying the holiday - he did say it was his favorite, after all...


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