Tuesday, May 31, 2005

I find your lack of faith....Disturbing

Just did one of those internet quiz things, and it called me a modernist. That's one of the people who believe that science can and will prove most things, that there is a rational explanation for most questions (except the fat chick - spandex one, see previous post.), and basically saying I believe there is no God.
I'm on the fence on that one.
On one hand it would be an amazing coincidence that from swirling gas and cosmic dust you can have things like mountains and trees and hummingbirds and Tim Hortons Coffee, but if there is a God, then why the crack-whores and serial killers and sad, lonely people who hang out at the local McDonald's all day long drinking coffee after shitty coffee.
I think there is a God, He's just doing a really shitty job.
Like a newbie left to run things by themselves with no guidance, no matter how lucky, bad shit's gonna happen, and if you just look the other way and ignore it, then it will get better on it's own. (Or so they hope.)
Somebody needs to do a evaluation on this supreme being, but who? He's got no boss, unless God's got a wife, and in that case she's probably bitching at him enough as it is.
("Why did you put the Israelis with the Muslims?" "I think that there should be more kittens!" "Let me design another animal, didn't you see how well my platypus turned out?" "Why did you invent silicone? Are my breasts not big enough?")
Poor bastard.
Am I having a lapse of faith?
Does it really matter?
Or am I just way to tired to care?

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  1. Well, thank the fucking gods that someone else is a modernist. Now I can finally publish my survey results.

    Hmm. I just said Fucking on someone else's blog. And there I go again! Oh no! I hope no one important reads this thing (just the homies).