Wednesday, May 18, 2005

So Sleepy...

Zack was in the room at 6:30 this morning. He is starting to get a cold, which means that I will soon have one too. It's the way of life, not much I can do to stop it.

Last night was fun, Keith stopped by as he's going to do some electrical work on the house. We had him over for dinner and Joe showed up to. It's great when friends from different times in my life get along so well. (I've known Keith since high school, and Joe I met at the Arches afterwards.) We're all going to Episode Three tonight. Yes the midnight showing is on! Even though I have to be at work @ 8:30 the next morning I am damn sure to see this movie.
Maybe I'll do a review, maybe just comment on any hot chicks in the audience...


  1. There will be no hot chicks in the audience: They all need their sleep. Only smelly, sweaty nerds will be in attendance.

    The cool kids will take time off work tomorrow and hit the 10AM matinée.

    - cool kid

  2. Saw at least 4 hot chicks.. of course howmany people are in the theatre?

  3. you were obviously dazzled by the bright lights. Unless they wee in slave girl costumes, and then I want pictures, names and, ideally, dates with them.