Monday, May 23, 2005

A little off the sides

I have a plan.
Last year in July I weighed 218 pounds. I felt like shit, did not feel good about myself, and just hated the direction I was going in. Then I went on the South Beach Diet. It worked pretty well, I lost some weight, started going to the gym, and was feeling good. I dropped down to around 175 pounds. Then in April I decided for financial reasons to give up my $28/month gym pass and just "do the diet and nutrition" thing. Big mistake. I kept succumbing to temptation and eating the wrong foods and with no set structured exercise, I'm now back to about 185. I think I'll stop the train wreck before it happens. I think that after my birthday, I'll go for the gym again. I really enjoyed it and it made me feel better about myself.
Hopefully I get the results I want.

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