Thursday, May 19, 2005

Well I saw it....

So I got to see Revenge of the Sith last night. Got home about 3:00am, was still kinda wired about the whole thing. I thought it tied things up quite neatly,and threaded together the first three movies into the original trilogy. Great grandiose effects and everything you expected the movie to be, including the inevitable cheesy dialogue and slightly uncomfortable love scenes between Natalie Portman & Hayden Christenson.

On another note, the previous days maudlin writings were due to an ex coming back into town. I did not get to see her but just heard from a mutual friend that she was here. I did not try to contact her, although the thought did cross my mind. You have to understand, I have thought about her almost every day for the past 8 years. I may feel like opening up, and relating the story at a later time, we'll wait and see.


  1. mutual friend...couldnt i atleast have a cool code name....

  2. had a feeling thats what it would be....

  3. Hey, man, every batman needs a robin. Me, I may have to stick with a Crack for my Silent Bish.

    ... or Joe! Joe and Silent Bish. Yeah! Awesome!