Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Swineful Behavior.

No, this isn't about swine flu - it's about me being a pig.

Sure, I got up and went to the gym today. Lifted weights, ran for a half hour, tanned - but then six hours later, I blow it all.

For some strange reason, I just demolished:
  • A Peanut Butter sandwich
  • Two sticks of pepperoni
  • Chocolate Muffin
  • Glass of Chocolate Milk
And that was after my lunch and hour ago - in which I had a healthy, fulfilling sandwich. (Mmm Turkey.) I think I know the culprit: boredom.

It's not that I'm bored, really - I'm hanging with my two Boys, so nothing is really boring. It's just that with the rain and wind we're inside - and even playing with them, there's some downtime, and they eat some snacks, and there's all this shitty food laying around, so...

I do it to myself.

It's easier when I can take them out and do something with them - it keeps me busy as well, and not being around all the shitty food is a plus.

But now I'm feeling guilty, and have already begun to plan my "revenge" workout for tomorrow in my head.

Yes, I know - I need help.

Don't worry about the binging - it's when I start purging that you can call in the shrinks...



  1. Anonymous11:47 pm

    where did the ads come from? why are they there?

    a note on binging: snack on trail mix if you're hungry, or popcorn. anything but the muffin. sometimes they have as many calories as a big mac.

    another sign of increased hunger is over training. think about that one.

  2. The ads? Hahaha - didn't even notice - I was messing with the template, clicked "Monetize", and forgot about it. I don't really ever look at the main page.

    Thanks for the tips - I may be doing the over training one, and I'll keep it in mind.