Friday, May 29, 2009

Change Up.

There are 2 things I like to have with me when I run:
  1. Music - Not always critical, but nice to have.
  2. Phone - When you are doing 10+ miles on back roads or wherever, it's nice to have in case I have trouble or am needed.
My problem is I don't like to carry both.

Don't even mention a pack or belt - hate running with those, so they are out of the question completely.

Thus I feel my only solution is a phone that combines the two. As much as I would love an iPhone, it's just not possible - both to buy the phone and to pay for the data usage I know I would accumulate. I'm also on Telus Prepaid, so my selection is fairly limited.

I've decided to go with the Samsung Slyde that Telus offers - it's got an mp3 player, camera, and 1400 other features my current phone doesn't have. I also like that I can put whatever size microSD card in there to hold whatever music I want. I looked at the other phone they have and it just didn't grab my attention. Plus, a guy at work has this phone, and I helped him set it up, so I know how to use it. (Okay, I haven't sold you on the phone, but I've sold myself, and that's what counts.)

I'm going to go get it tomorrow - turns out London Drugs is having a sale on them, and I can get it for $40 dollars cheaper than at the Telus Mobility store.

Change is good.

Shiny, tech-y change is better.



  1. The shock and Awe that I feel about you getting a new phone is amazing. Having seen your phone let me welcome you to the year 2009 sir. Good to finally have you!..LOL

  2. hey cool new phone
    I had to comment.
    Feels like old times and fond days gone by.
    And now im the only chubby one.