Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Feel:

  1. That swallowing a bug while you're running, albeit a fine way of ingesting protein, isn't a pleasurable experience anytime.
  2. That when I decide, on a hot and sunny day, to run a winding 5-mile loop on lonely roads instead of on the Seawalk full of women in their summer best, I'll need help.
  3. That I need help.
  4. That the worst thing in the world isn't being at work on a gorgeous, sunny day - it's all the fucking people coming in, telling you exactly how awesome it is outside.
  5. That it's a bad thing that I thought that Bea Arthur and Dom De Luise were already dead, and thus was doubly shocked to hear of their deaths.
  6. That Star Trek was a fucking awesome movie. And that's not just my inner geek nerd-gasming, either.
  7. That having the lady walking behind me jokingly grab my ass as we're leaving the theater was a little bit disconcerting.
  8. That I can understand her desire to do so. I'll admit, for a guy, I've got a great ass.
  9. That watching playoff hockey when your team isn't involved is like having sex in a raincoat.
  10. That, yeah - that didn't make sense to me either.


1 comment:

  1. Star Trek,
    I agree.
    Further discussion of your ass
    I disagree.