Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stand Alone Dad.

So yesterday was The Boy's field trip to the swimming pool.

As it was my day off, (Field trips always happen on my days - yay!!) I hopped on the bus with him and the other parents and headed to the pool.

Once we got there and were being introduced to the lifeguards, (with 35-38 6 yr olds, you have to make sure they know the rules) I looked around and noticed something:

I was the only Dad there.

I didn't think anything of it on the bus, if only because some of the parents were bringing their own vehicles - but as I looked around the room, I noticed that the only Y chromosome over the age of 6 was me.

And before you go thinking that I was in a pool surrounded by hot, bikini-clad Milfs, think again - most of the moms stayed in the viewing room, and just stared out at those of us in the pool. Great, so not only am I the only guy there, but it's like I'm in a fish tank, being observed by chatty soccer moms.

(Hey - I know they weren't only talking about me - they were there to watch their kids too - but there were too many waves and glances for me to think that I wasn't mentioned at all.)

I'll be honest - last time I was at the pool was ages ago - being a chubby bastard made me not want to walk around with no shirt on, so the pool was defiantly not high on my list of places to go.

For a brief moment, I almost had salvation - one of the other Dads showed up, but he's the one that's close to 300 pounds, and all he did was sit in his swim trunks on a bench beside the pool. I think hey may have gotten wet, but it was probably due to an errant splash than any real effort on his part.

Even with being self conscious about myself and being the only guy there, the Boy and I had a great time - he whipped down the water slide no problem and even though he was a bit shaky elsewhere in the water, he's raring to go back.

And that made being there completely worthwhile.


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