Wednesday, January 21, 2009

High Hopes.

If John McCain was good for one thing, it was this quote:

"Maverick I can do, but Messiah is above my pay grade."

I, like many others, feel that Barak Obama's election to the Presidency is a good thing. Like most Canadians, I like him better than our own Prime Minister. (That's really kinda sad, right? Sorry Mr. Harper.)

But I think a lot of Americans view Mr. Obama as some sort of national savior, and I worry that they will either expect too much right away, or else forgive him too easily for any of his shortcomings.

It could go either way.

On one had, these are the same people who elected G.W. twice - obviously they tend to let things slide a bit - but they are also people who have lost over 500,000 jobs in December, and poor people hate nothing more than to see someone else wasting money.

I wish him well. - He's going to need it.


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