Tuesday, January 13, 2009


There's one thing I will never understand is guys who wear toques in the gym.

A hat I can appreciate, unless you wear it backwards, in which case you look like a nerdy 12-year old. I'll even accept the "do-rag" that some guys have. Headband? If you think you can pulling off with out looking like a fag, go ahead. (Hint: you still look like a fag.)

But a toque? What's the point? I can see if you are outside, but we are in a temperature-controlled indoor environment - and sweating to boot.

Most of the guys who are going with this look are the ones who workout in their wife-beaters and talk on their cellphones in between sets, so I shouldn't be surprised. They are the same ones who look like they are smuggling watermelons in under their shirts, but you only see them doing arm curls. (Although there is the occasional huge guy who does it, but like I'm gonna tell him he looks like a dick.)

I hope this fashion fuck-up goes away soon - it's not that it's really distracting or anything, but it's just one of those things that look so out of place that it boggles the mind.

If I go in tomorrow and see a guy doing curls with earmuffs and mittens, I'm going home.


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