Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Morning At The Gym.

What the fuck am I doing here?

Why am I putting myself through this?

It's Sunday, for Christ's sake - this is the supposed Day of Rest.

Oh yeah - the Staff Party - if I'm going to drink some G&T and have an assload of Turkey, I'd better finish off this set. Gotta combat the calories I'm going to take in tonight. Sure, I'll burn some off dancing, but unless I dance with 4 women at a time for 2 hours, I'm gonna need to do some cardio. (Don't laugh at the dancing - it's been known to happen.)

There sure are some strange people that go to my Gym on Sundays.

There's a guy doing an exercise I've never seen before - one-legged squats with a medicine ball while balanced on top of a BOSU ball. I automatically assume he's got a subscription to Men's Health. There's another who walks around with his Tim Horton's coffee in between sets - I never knew a double-double was so good at balancing your electrolytes. If he takes much longer between sets, he's going to have to hit the drive-thru before he finishes his workout. I haven't seen Jeans guy in, but I bet he works out with this group.

It's good to get this workout done and out of the way. Now I can go home, shower and relax until tonight.

Free Booze, Turkey, and Prizes - here I come!


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