Thursday, December 04, 2008


As I haven't had much time I thought I'd take a moment to post my random thoughts:
  • The backroom maneuvering by the Liberals and NDP to form a Government not elected by the people seems like kids squabbling on the playground - bad enough they had to get the unpopular French kid to go along with thier hijinks.
  • Publicly, Sean Avery's comments about "sloppy seconds" were offensive to everyone who heard them. Privately, every guy who has ever played sports has at one time or another said something worse to an opposing player to get them off their game. I once told a guy that his sister and grandmother made a lousy threesome , but I fucked them anyway - and that was in PeeWee Hockey.
  • The only thing taking away from my enjoyment of the Vancouver Canucks misery is that my team is still doing slightly worse.
  • I'm stoked about the annual Staff Party (Sunday). It's always good times, but this year we are giving away Big Screen T.V's and laptops as prizes, so I hope to make out like a bandit.
  • In the craziness surrounding getting ready for the Boy's Birthday party (and Christmas) I almost forgot my Vancouver Trip on the 20th - it wasn't until another guy who's going mentioned it today that I even recalled it. I hope my hangover doesn't kill me like it did last time.
  • The best thing about running 8 miles in the morning: Runner's High. (it exists) - the worst thing about 8 miles in the morning: Chaffing. (Never wear regular boxers - always go for Sport.)
  • With the Sidekick's main source of communication being text messages and hurried cellphone calls, it's almost like we're secretly dating. (Once again, I remind people he's the Hetro Life-Mate.)
  • I keep forgetting about the progress I've made physically until I run into people I haven't seen in a long time - if people keep telling me how great I look, I won't be able to fit my egotistical head through the door.
  • Life without my Xbox has made me realize one thing: My computer chair isn't as comfortable as my couch.
  • Trying to sort out thoughts as random as mine take a bit of doing - having to censor out Boobiesboobiesboobies(actual thought)boobiesboobiesboobiesboobies takes a bit of doing.


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