Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is My Xbox Back.

With the chill in the air and the snow on the ground, it's the perfect time to curl up indoors with my Xbox and play some games.

Oh, wait - it's not here.


That's right people - after being afflicted by the Red Ring of Death, I'm still waiting to get my repaired Xbox back. The graphic you see above is taken directly from my status page at Xbox.com. They're not done fixing it yet, and it still has to be shipped out. At this rate, I'm lucky if it gets here by the New Year.

Reading online, I was initially impressed to hear that most people got their box back within a week - but I forgot to take Canada Customs into account. After hearing from The Twin that his box took almost a month to get back, I was still optimistic. I thought I would be different.

Boy was I wrong.

With the inclement weather we're having, I think the snow will be thawed by the time I start playing NHL '09 again. An even bigger kick in the nuts would be to get more games for Christmas - then I'd have to look at the shiny packaging, but unable to play.

So Santa, if you're listening, Please contact Bill Gates and tell him I want my fucking Xbox back.



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