Sunday, December 28, 2008

Clean As A Whistle.

There's something about a fresh operating system that just makes a pseudo-geek like me all tingly.

We got an new (to us) office computer at work today, and as the untitled-but-knows-what-he's-doing tech guy, it was up to me to format and set up the system.

Looking at the screen after you've done all the updates and installed all the proper security programs is enticing; here's a virgin (for a second time) piece of equipment, ready to be used and enjoyed. Anything is possible - it responds quickly and crisply, no lag or stuttering - the response time is in milliseconds, not minutes.

Makes me want to take my home machine and nuke it from orbit.
(I'll need something to do if this winter keeps up, eh?)

But the sad thing is that it won't stay that way for long - somehow, someway, within a couple of weeks someone will be calling me and saying that the 'puters not working. I'll recall this time when everything was new and shiny and smile fondly, then set forth fixing what they've fucked up, again.

I hope that moment never comes.


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