Friday, October 24, 2008

"We Don't Make Singles, We Make Albums."

Yes, Angus - and each one sounds the same as the one before it.

AC/DC - I just don't understand the popularity.

I have an appreciation for them (as does any child of the 80's), but everything they've released has sounded the same, from Who Made Who to The Razor's Edge. There's no variety or growth - just more of what we heard before.

It's pretty sad that most people I know couldn't tell the new AC/DC single on the radio from something Airborne released months ago.

Angus and the boys don't have to worry about me downloading their latest, though - I'll hear it the same way I always do - coming from the speakers in some mullet-head's IROC as he's driving by on his way to the gun range.


1 comment:

  1. If I hear an Offspring song, I can't tell which album it's on. I'm not saying it's a /bad/ thing, per se, just noting the similarity with ACDC.