Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Roll In The Hay.

Today was The Boy's class visit to the local pumpkin patch/farm.

When my wife mentioned it to me last week, I laughed - "Have fun with 25 screaming kids & the farm animals in the mud." The smile vanished from my face when she told me it was on my day off, and since she's working, I got the pleasure of the farm animals. (I know that sounds dirty, but it's not.)

With our boots and gloves on, The Boy and I boarded the School Bus for the drive to the farm. On the way I noticed there was only one other Dad, and he was being hen-pecked by his wife, who was also along. Since the kids were entertaining themselves, the honor fell to me to entertain all the Mommys. ( It ain't easy being me.)

The hay ride was probably the best part, although being chased by a flock of sheep (that's what it's called, ask Wikipedia) hell-bent on catching the wagon and feasting on it's hay-ee goodness isn't as exciting as I make it out to be. The kids enjoyed the hay-bale maze the most - being able to see over two bales high kind of ruins it for all the adults.

I enjoyed the visit though, and The Boy had a blast - he's already talking about going back next year - I think when your 5, being in a place that's mostly dirt and mud is like being in a place that's all coffee and porn when you're 36. It may be dirty, but it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Speaking of which, when's Daddy's field trip? That's what I want to know.


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  1. make sure to swing by and pick me up for the big boys' field trip. There's a good place right near the zoo. In fact, even if it's a work day, just pick me up anyway.