Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's A Schooner.

I've never been able to see anything when I look at those Magic Eye pictures.

That guy from Mallrats , William? Yeah- I'm like him. I could stare for hours and it just wouldn't work.

Until today.

I'm waiting at the Dentist's office - the Boy is getting some work done - and after having read all the Reader's Digests and Newsweeks, I grabbed a Magic Eye book to try and keep The Youngest Child entertained. (It was my turn.) I didn't think he'd see anything, but he might like the colors.

After looking for a minute, it just clicked.

All of a sudden I could see planets, rainbows, zebras, trees, and even a schooner (pirate ship). After giving the Youngling back to the Wife I spent the next 15 minutes flipping through the book, laughing like an idiot. How do I know it was like an idiot? The moment the Wife said " Quit it - you look like some freak on acid." Trust me baby - acid doesn't have this clear of a picture.

It's opened up a whole new world to me - I think I'll hit the garage sales and pick up all those old Magic Eye books and posters everybody is throwing out. I might even smoke pot again. (Does it help?)



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