Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Feel...

  1. That when it rains for your entire holidays, you should be able to call a "do over".
  2. That spending 2 hours in Butterfly World made me a better Dad, and not an emasculated shell of a man. (It just felt that way.)
  3. That just because I gained three pounds binging over the weekend, it's still alright to take it out on my workout partner in the gym. ("We're gonna bench what?")
  4. That the crazy looks I get from people when I run in the rain are just as funny as the crazy looks I get for running when it's 24° outside.
  5. That my downfall will be Peanut Butter. Don't ask.
  6. That I shall have to watch 14 hours of cinematic masterpieces to erase from my mind the horror that is Hot Rod.
  7. That the next time I agree to rent such a horror, I am attacked by midgets and punched in the gonads at least three times.
  8. That getting up at 5:45am to go to the gym at 6 on my holidays means I'm committed, not retarded.
  9. That Barack Obama should have picked Hillary as Veep - pickin' a white guy just gives the rednecks another reason to shoot at him.
  10. That phoning me and asking if I'm going to vote Liberal or Conservative if there is a fall election is like asking me if I want to be kicked in the right or left testicle - I don't want to do it, and no matter what I choose, I'm not going to like it.


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